Copper Flare Fittings 101

Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter Guide

The Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter is actually a versatile plumbing factor that provides for secure and reliable connections in various plumbing projects. It is designed to join flare fittings and copper tubing, providing a leak-proof seal and ensuring the proper flow of liquids and gases. The following information can provide an overview of the features, specifications, and applications of the flared copper fittings.

Understanding Flare Fittings

Flare fittings are necessary components in plumbing systems that enable secure connections between pipes and tubing. These fittings come with a 45° flare on one end, that allows for any tight and reliable connection with all the corresponding flare in the tubing. Flare fittings are commonly used in various applications because of the ability to resist vibration and mechanical pull-out.

One everyday sort of flare fitting will be the SAE 45° flare, which follows the specifications set from the Society of Automotive Engineers. These fittings possess a 45° flare angle and therefore are widely used in automotive and hydraulic systems. They satisfy the functional requirements of SAE J512 and J513, ensuring their reliability and compatibility during these applications.

As well as the SAE 45° flare, a different type of flare fitting is the inverted flare. This fitting features a cone-shaped flare around the fitting end, providing a good connection using the corresponding inverted flare in the tubing. Inverted flare fittings are a cost-effective option and widely used in automotive brake and fuel systems.

Features of Flare Fittings

Flare fittings offer several positive aspects that will make them a well known choice in plumbing systems:

  • Potential to deal with vibration: The 45° flare design of those fittings enables them to withstand vibrations, ensuring the integrity of the connection even just in dynamic environments.
  • Mechanical pull-out resistance: Flare fittings give a secure connection that resists pulling forces, preventing accidental disconnection.
  • Wide variety of applications: Flare fittings are versatile and can be utilized in various plumbing systems, including automotive, hydraulic, and gas applications.
  • UL Listed: Many flare fittings are UL Listed, meaning they are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, a reliable safety organization.

Types of Flare Fittings

Below are a few examples of flare fittings:

Fitting Type Description
Straight Flare A straight fitting with 45° flare angles on both ends, used for connecting two flare fittings or a flare fitting and tubing.
Union Flare A fitting with two flare ends joined by way of a union, permitting easy disconnection and reconnection of pipes or tubing.
Elbow Flare An angled fitting with a flare end, used for making 90° or 45° bends in plumbing systems.

These are simply a couple of examples of the many varieties of flare fittings available, each intended for specific applications and installation requirements.

In summary, flare fittings are essential components in plumbing systems due to their secure connections, potential to deal with vibration, and great deal of applications. Whether it’s the SAE 45° flare or even the inverted flare, these fittings provide reliable and leak-free connections, which makes them an ideal choice in various plumbing projects.

Flare to Compression Adapter Options

The Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter offers a variety of options to match different plumbing needs. These options include:

  1. Flare to male NPT
  2. Flare to flare
  3. Flare to female NPT
  4. Flare to metric

One notable feature of those adapters is definitely the steel nut option, which offers additional strength and durability. This ensures a good and reliable connection, even during demanding plumbing applications.

Furthermore, some types of the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter include a Teflon seal in the valve core. This seal improves the leak-proof capabilities of the adapter, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in their performance.

It’s also worth mentioning that these particular adapters are machined to ARI Standards, guaranteeing precision and quality inside their construction. This ensures compatibility with industry standards and enables seamless integration with existing plumbing systems.

Lastly, the finger-tight quick seal cap is a crucial feature from the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter. This cap enables simple and easy , quick installation without making use of additional tools. It ensures a strict and secure connection, further improving the reliability and satisfaction from the adapter.

Flare to Compression Adapter Options

Adapter Type Features
Flare to male NPT Steel nut option, Teflon seal, machined to ARI Standards, finger-tight quick seal cap
Flare to flare Steel nut option, Teflon seal, machined to ARI Standards, finger-tight quick seal cap
Flare to female NPT Steel nut option, Teflon seal, machined to ARI Standards, finger-tight quick seal cap
Flare to metric Steel nut option, Teflon seal, machined to ARI Standards, finger-tight quick seal cap

In summary, the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter offers a number of options to focus on different plumbing requirements. With features such as the steel nut option, Teflon seal, and machined to ARI Standards, these adapters provide secure, durable, and-performance connections. The finger-tight quick seal cap adds convenience for the installation process. Pick the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter for reliable and leak-free plumbing connections.

Working Pressure Ranges and Temperature Ranges

The Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter provides reliable connections in plumbing projects, with working pressure ranges that vary based on the temperature and tubing size. It is vital to ensure that the temperature and tubing size are inside the specified ranges to keep the integrity of the connection. Is an overview of the working pressure ranges at 73°F:

Tubing Size Working Pressure Range (PSI)
1/8″ 2800
1/4″ 2000
3/8″ 1800
1/2″ 1600
5/8″ 1400
3/4″ 1200
7/8″ 450

The Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter even offers a wide temperature variety of -65°F to 250°F, making it ideal for various applications in plumbing projects.

Assembly Instructions for Flare Fittings

Proper assembly of flare fittings is essential to ensure a good and leak-proof connection. Follow these recommended assembly instructions to accomplish optimal results:

  1. Inspect the flare fitting and the tubing for virtually any indications of damage or imperfections.

  2. Make sure that the flare fitting as well as the tubing are neat and free from dirt, debris, or any foreign substances.

  3. Utilizing a tubing cutter, cut the tubing for the desired length ensuring a clean and square cut.

  4. Remove any burrs or sharp edges from the tubing employing a deburring tool or a file.

  5. Slide the flare nut on the tubing, accompanied by the cone-shaped flare sleeve.

  6. Carefully insert the tubing into the fitting body until it reaches the bottom.

  7. Tighten the flare nut having a flare nut wrench or perhaps a suitable wrench, making sure never to overtighten.

  8. Inspect the connection to ensure the flare is properly formed and the tubing is securely held in place.

  9. Carry out a leakage test by pressurizing the device and checking for any signs of leaks.

  10. If no leaks are detected, the assembly is complete and prepared to be used.

Following these assembly instructions will allow you to gain a reliable and durable connection together with your flare fittings.

Step Assembly Instructions for Flare Fittings
1 Inspect the flare fitting and the tubing for just about any warning signs of damage or imperfections.
2 Make sure that both flare fitting and the tubing are clean and free from dirt, debris, or any foreign substances.
3 Employing a tubing cutter, cut the tubing to the desired length ensuring a neat and square cut.
4 Remove any burrs or sharp edges through the tubing employing a deburring tool or perhaps a file.
5 Slide the flare nut onto the tubing, then the cone-shaped flare sleeve.
6 Carefully insert the tubing to the fitting body until it reaches the base.
7 Tighten the flare nut with a flare nut wrench or a suitable wrench, ensuring not to overtighten.
8 Inspect the connection to ensure the flare is properly formed as well as the tubing is securely locked in place.
9 Carry out a leakage test by pressurizing the system and checking for any warning signs of leaks.
10 If no leaks are detected, the assembly is finished and ready to use.

Sizing and Nomenclature of Flare Fittings

Flare fittings play a crucial role in plumbing projects, and understanding their sizing and nomenclature is vital for choosing the right fitting to meet your needs. Flare fittings are sized in accordance with the amounts of sixteenths of the inch in the tube outer diameter (O.D.). Let’s break up the sizing and nomenclature to simplify your selection process.


The initial series of numbers and letters in the part number identify the design and style and type in the flare fitting. The 2nd series of numbers represents the dimensions, using sixteenths of an inch. As an example, a part number like 1 49 F – 6 – 4 indicates a forging style, a 3/8″ (6/16) tube O.D. size, as well as a 1/4″ (4/16) pipe size.


The nomenclature of flare fittings helps you to identify the precise characteristics and proportions of each fitting. Comprehending the codes used in the part number ensures accurate selection and seamless ordering. Here’s a synopsis:

Nomenclature Description
Style and kind Identifies the precise style and type of flare fitting
Tube O.D. Size Represents the dimensions of the outer diameter of the tube, indicated in sixteenths of your inch
Pipe Size Indicates the dimensions of the pipe in which the flare fitting is designed, also measured in sixteenths of an inch

By familiarizing yourself with the sizing and nomenclature of flare fittings, you can confidently choose the right fitting for your plumbing project and make sure a good and reliable connection.

Advantages and Uses of Flare Fittings

Flare fittings are commonly used in plumbing projects because of their numerous advantages and versatile applications. These fittings offer several advantages that make them an ideal selection for professionals in the market.

Advantages of Flare Fittings:

  • Resistance to Mechanical Pull-Out: Flare fittings are made to resist mechanical pull-out, ensuring a safe and secure and reliable connection. This makes them suitable for applications where vibration or movement may occur.
  • Repeated Assembly and Disassembly: Flare fittings can be easily assembled and disassembled several times without compromising integrity. This flexibility allows for easy adjustments, repairs, or modifications without making use of replacement.
  • High-Quality Brass Materials: Flare fittings are manufactured from high-quality brass materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Brass is recognized for its corrosion resistance, making these fittings ideal for various plumbing applications.

Uses of Flare Fittings:

“Flare fittings are popular in a range of plumbing applications, because of their reliability and leak-proof characteristics.”

Here are a few common applications where flare fittings are widely employed:

  1. Flammable Liquid Applications: Flare fittings are listed with Underwriter’s Laboratories for flammable liquid applications, causing them to be a safe and secure and trusted choice for projects involving the transportation or distribution of flammable substances.
  2. Marine Applications: Because of their potential to deal with mechanical pull-out and corrosion resistance, flare fittings are commonly used in marine plumbing systems, ensuring reliable connections in harsh saltwater environments.
  3. Refrigeration Applications: Flare fittings play an important role in refrigeration systems, providing leak-proof connections for refrigerant lines, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  4. Gas Applications: Flare fittings will also be extensively utilized in gas plumbing systems, offering reliable and secure connections for the distribution of gases, like natural gas or propane.
  5. Hydraulic Tubing Applications: Flare fittings are compatible with use with various materials, including copper, brass, aluminum, and welded steel hydraulic tubing. Their versatility allows them to be used in diverse hydraulic systems.
  6. Hard-to-Hold Liquids and Gases: Flare fittings are engineered for hard-to-hold liquids and gases, providing a reliable and leak-proof connection in challenging applications where containment is crucial.

To summarize, flare fittings offer multiple advantages, including effectiveness against mechanical pull-out, ease of assembly and disassembly, and make use of of high-quality brass materials. These fittings find widespread applications in flammable liquid, marine, refrigeration, gas, hydraulic, and challenging liquid and gas plumbing systems. Their versatility, reliability, and leak-proof connections get them to a necessary component for a variety of plumbing projects.

Advantages Applications
Effectiveness against mechanical pull-out Flammable liquid applications
Repeated assembly and disassembly Marine applications
Manufactured from high-quality brass materials Refrigeration applications
Gas applications
Hydraulic tubing applications
Hard-to-hold liquids and gases

Additional Options and Pricing

As well as the standard configurations, flare fittings offer an array of additional options to satisfy specific plumbing requirements. These options include:

  1. Bulkheads: Employed for creating secure connections in confined spaces or through barriers.
  2. Auxiliary Fittings: Provide flexibility and adaptability in complex plumbing systems.
  3. Special Fittings: Customizable to fulfill unique project specifications.
  4. UL Stamped Fittings: Ensuring compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

When choosing flare fittings, it is important to take into account the pricing of non-stock items and consult the price list supplied by the maker. For special configurations, it is suggested to submit a print or sketch to ask about pricing and availability. Please note that prices and availability are susceptible to change without prior notice, so it is best to monitor the most recent information.

Flare Fittings Pricing Comparison

Configuration Pricing
Standard Flare Fitting $5.99
Bulkhead Flare Fitting $8.99
Auxiliary Flare Fitting $6.99
Special Flare Fitting Custom Pricing

Note: The pricing shown is for illustrative purposes only and could vary dependant upon the manufacturer and distributor.

Streamline ACR Press System

The Streamline ACR Press Method is revolutionizing the plumbing industry using its cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Engineered to offer superior performance and reliability, this method incorporates the latest advancements to provide exceptional brings about flare fittings.

The standout feature in the Streamline ACR Press Product is its Two Ring Advanced Press (T.R.A.P.) Technology. This groundbreaking technology ensures a stronger and a lot more secure seal by creating 200% more surface contact involving the fitting and also the tubing. With T.R.A.P. Technology, you can have complete confidence within the integrity of the connections.

The DualSeal Ring Design from the ACR Press System further enhances its sealing capabilities. This design guarantees a solid and reliable seal, minimizing the potential risk of leaks and ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the device includes the TrapZone Leak Barrier, an added layer of protection that provides an extra level of security against potential leaks.

When it comes to joint compression and sealing performance, the Streamline ACR Press System delivers exceptional results. The Force360 Press Contour technology ensures a far more uniform compression, promoting a dependable and tight seal every time. Furthermore, the Tri-Lock Press Profile enhances joint strength, making the system highly durable and resistant to any mechanical stress.

Compatibility is key with regards to plumbing systems, and the Streamline ACR Press System excels in this field. It works with R410A and other frequently used refrigerant gases and oils, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re focusing on residential or commercial projects, this method is made to meet your particular needs.

As a evidence of its quality and sturdiness, the Streamline ACR Press System includes a 10-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty offers satisfaction and makes sure that you’re investing in a reliable and long-lasting solution for the plumbing needs.

Bringing It All Together

The Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter is a vital component for secure and reliable connections in plumbing projects. Its versatile options, easy assembly instructions, and industry-leading innovations ensure it is the best selection for plumbers and contractors alike.

With all the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter, you can gain a leak-proof seal and make certain the correct flow of liquids and gases. Regardless if you are focusing on residential or commercial plumbing projects, this adapter provides the durability and satisfaction necessary to complete the job right.

By including the Flare x Copper Tube Compression Adapter in your plumbing projects, you can have satisfaction understanding that your connections are secure and reliable. Leave behind leaks and inefficient flow, and hello to a plumbing system that performs at its best.